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This is a type of female who exemplifies the attitude of a slutty grot. This female has no dignity. Seeing that this woman is Slut and possesses a dirty Crotch, it is only right to combine these words to form Strotch.
"That bitch is such a Strotch" or "That whore is a Strotch so watch out!"
by Dflow April 27, 2008
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The female version of the "happy trail", lying directly between the stomach and beloved crotch. In most instances, it is viewed as an area of serenity and complete comfort, for it reminds most males of being wombified.
"Dexter gets to use drugs, not say goodbye to people, and then go lay in his hot sponsor's strotch all night. Maybe WE should do that!"--James David Sickels III
by lorddominus23 August 07, 2010
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the large frontal orb (stomach) of obese people that extends down to or even past thier crotch.
holy crap dude.. is that a pussy shield or is that a strotch?
by kyllah January 16, 2009
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