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Another term for hickies on the neck or other various regions of the body.
"Yo look at his neck, it has strobes all over it!!!!"

"Yea man he must have been strobed."
by Mike Kelly March 30, 2006
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Crazy cunts, frequently originating from Alberta, that move into your house and never leave. They are frequently known to commune with "spirits" and offer half-baked remedies that they supposedly cultivated from reading archaic books written by witch doctors. Sometimes they like to take off all their clothes and strobe naked by the Lac while Ron bends over the side of the canoe exposing his genitalia, allowing for his low-hanging ballsack to drift over the side of said canoe.
"So you want to learn?" *strobes* naked for the aliens to come and probe her clitie and finish her off with a hot, ripe alishasingh.
by cornwallbeauty August 29, 2011
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When two guys wearing only socks, build up static electricity and they share an electric bolt between their penis tips prior to touching. Pro tip: dark rooms prove visible electric transfer.
Wool socks and the dry winter air sets the perfect ambiance for strobing.
by Philhole November 3, 2019
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pl. noun: 1)the lights on a police cruiser
2)trippy flashing lights at a club that ppz under the influence really dig b/c it trips out their brain.
1.) so this pig flicks on his strobes when i passed him doin a buck 10.

2.) I only dig clubz wit strobes.
by kahda September 15, 2004
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Extreme laziness, to the point that one would feel the need to classify it as a mental disorder.
I know I was supposed to do that this weekend, but I was just feeling so strobe.
by Teleporting Baby November 4, 2011
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Strobe - Is a multipurpose word which can be used either as a noun or a verb.

1. As a noun strobe most commonly refers to a girl who one considers to be worthy of engaging in intercourse otherwise known as strobin

2. Strobe can always be used as a substitute for any noun.

3. As a verb, strobe can refer to the act of engaging in sexual intercourse and more mildly can refer to a nigga also known as the strobee or strober, checking or dating or scopin a chick.

The act of checking out many strobes at the same time is known as MAJOR STROBAGE!!!!!

1. Yo check out that fine strobe!!! I'mma check her out see what she's saying!

2. Yo pass me that strobe, man! (refering to the book on the table perhaps)

3. Yo that girls playin innocent....but trust me I'm finna strobe that!!

person: Yo where were u man??? I've Been Waiting 1/2 hr....

Dizzle!: I was on the park strobin(checking out) some bitches man...Yo those girls was fine!!!
by Dizzle! July 25, 2006
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To fool around, engage in sexual activities with someone.
"wanna strobe?"
"strobe me baby"
by bubbleG September 11, 2005
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