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A guy who enjoys listening to the messed up stories of strippers as much as, if not more than watching them dance. He is like the amateur psychologist of the strip club community and always ends up in an extended conversation with the girls.

A skilled stripper whisperer will help his crew stay clear of any unnecessary drama, and pair up each of his boys with the correct dancer for their personal brand of crazy.
Next time you hit the strip club, bring my cousin. The guy's a straight up stripper whisperer. He'll have the deets on all the girls.
by K. Washington July 26, 2016
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(noun) An alpha male who possesses the uncanny ability to disarm the generally emotionally guarded Stripper. He can not only get them to say their Real Name but persuades them to give Him their phone number so they can see each other again in a better lit and less expensive environment.
"Damn that guy! Every time He comes to the Rhino He gets 1 lap dance from the hottest girl here, the next thing you know she's begging Him to call her and they're meeting at His hotel room for drinks and free lap dances. He's like a Stripper Whisperer!"
by Six/vi December 24, 2009
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