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Also known as "Post Exotic Dancer Vision Disorder (PEDVD)". This is a condition where the subject, for several days after a gentlemen's club binge, begins to think every other woman he sees is a dancer he saw the night before. The subject begins lookin closely at grocery store clerks, bank tellers, pedestrians in cross walks, etc. as if he has seen them before, naked. Unlike the usual male preoccupation of imagining women without their clothes on. In this case the subject is convinced he's actually seen them without their clothes on.
Bruce: "Hey, that's that dancer we saw last night, Angel, over there pumpin' gas at the 7 Eleven!!!

John: "No man, Angel didn't have a tattoo on her shoulder.
You just have Stripper Vision".
by curly dog master April 19, 2006
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A decidedly unique variation on "beer goggles" which involves a 2+ night binge on "gentlemen's clubs", wherein the subject experiences a distinct subconscious modification which entails that almost any person of the female persuasion resembles a dancer that the subject saw at a strip club.

"Hey, that's Angel over there at the 7 Eleven!!! No man, you just have stripper vision."
by John M. Anderson April 04, 2006
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