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SST is an abbreviation for the Stripper Seduction Tactic. This is a method used to get real action in a strip club from a dancer, as opposed to the usual tease, without having to pay any more than the price of the lap dance. Guys who pay the stripper extra $10, 20, 100, etc for higher "mileage" are NOT making use of SST, they are johns pure and simple.

SST consists of going to the club in the daytime, standing out by being well groomed and in shape and young, catching the stripper off guard while she is bored (since the dayshift is slow) and thus taking her out of her act, and then once she is in her normal element - just a regular gal - proceeding to flirt with her the way you would in any other situation or environment. If the dancer suggests dancing right away the customer must keep delaying it to make room for a long, deep conversation, which is essential to the tactic. After sufficient connection and attraction has been built up the player may then accept the dance offer or even suggest it himself, and then use the time in the lap dance area to hook up with the dancer. A real SST involves at least making out with the dancer, and again the buyer CANNOT pay or tip extra (in order to confirm the hookup was based on real attraction, not financial gain). It must also be confirmed that the dancers in the club in question do not usually make out with all their customers.
Guy 1: What is this SST?
Guy 2: SST is the Stripper Seduction Tactic (SST). It was taught to my friend Sohrab by a wise middle-aged man in Los Angeles who use to practice it himself in his younger days in San Jose.
by narfkarta April 02, 2009
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