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A winter season holiday that begins around the end of November, and culminates on December 25. The total level of stress accumulates exponentially the closer one gets to the 25th, and continues to linger above a background level at least until the end of January. As the financial, bad weather, health, and family stress cycles peak around the 25th of December, people celebrate by drinking copious amounts of alcohol and engaging in gluttonous behavior. Stressmas is also noted for its especially annoying music that plays on every radio stationan shopping center PA system, further exacerbating the stressful situation by creating a trigger that turns one violent and belligerent. Marked by long shopping lines and traffic for no reason, one cannot avoid celebrating Stressmas. Those with exes, inlaws, and children tend to celebrate Stressmas more faithfully than single people.
Merry Stressmas!
by Freddy Ferno December 16, 2010
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