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This is a specific medical procedure used to remove the lips of a parasite employee (while the species of parasite is unknown, it is of the Toddite Genus)(usually of a lower rank)from the ass of the host employee (usually a superior of the parasitic employee). It is however a dangerous procedure as the parasite employee can suffer from serious ass kissing withdrawls. This frequently results in them becoming reattached to said host's ass again but with a stronger suction. If this is the case, a strong course of antibiotics is needed. Third generation antibiotics are usually required as many parasites are resistant to methycillin.
"I heard John had to go in for an emergency Stremmelectomy." "Yeah, he went in for a routine check-up and his doctor found a Toddite attached to his ass." "Wow, that's terrible!" "Well the surgery went well, but apparently the Toddite was seen trying to reattach it self shortly after John got back to work." "Well, give him my best."
by JimmyJack March 19, 2008
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