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The price of an item, often stolen or fenced, that would be bought on the black market or on the street.
That bike costs $400 retail but I can get you one for $250 streetail.
by Diggstown69 November 11, 2011
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Contraction of the words "Street" and "Retail". Typically used when referring to the "Street Retail" price/cost of an item that is often or only sold on the "streets", but is also generally available in bulk quantities to middle-men who pay a "wholesale" rate, and have "retail" or "streetail" prices that they sell the item(s) for.
LaNaShaQuancita: Hey how much were those weed-tampons you were getting?

Tyrone: Uh, they streetail for like $5, biznatch!
by LarchOye July 29, 2018
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