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A longboarder/skateboarder that rides specifically on the streets. The act of "surfing" on pavement. Skateboarding was created in fact to simulate real surfing when waves weren't present, or if you didn't live near a coastline. Longboarding is another term for skateboarding, except longboarding was specifically designed for just cruising. A LONGER, more refined, version of a skateboard (Hence the "LONG" in "LONGBOARD"). Longboards come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, but whichever you prefer, is the one you can use to carve up the streets.

(Also the name of an existing Longboard Crew in Miami)
Guy 1: "Hey Bro! let's go surfing!"

Guy 2: "Can't man, it's flat."

*looks up the street*

Guy 1: "Check out the Street Surfers!"

*Longboarders carve by*

Guy 2: "Oh damn! Sick! Lemme' get my Longboard!"

*the 2 proceed to "Street Surf"*
by Viktoria_Marie June 16, 2011
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