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Strawberry pubes refers to a natural ginger female with red or orange hair, that has pubes that havs a natural strawberry color. Somebody that colors their pubes with dyes can be considered false pubes and is considered deception on the highest level. If you take strawberry pubes and gently place them in your mouth, you can taste natural flavors of the crisp variety. Natural strawberry pubes will have flavors and aromas of honey crisp apples, strawberry-rhubarb crisp, and Cookie Crisp. Sometimes you will even get flavors such as an under-ripe strawberry or even a sour, green apple taste. You will be able to differentiate somebody that dyes their pubes, because their flavors will taste like fingernail polish and baby shit.
I hit up a ginger in my class yesterday with strawberry pubes. It wasn't until last night when I pulled her pants down that I found out she was a day walker with false pubes.
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by Uncle Renegade April 20, 2018
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Strawberry pubes is referring to a ginger or daywalker with reddish strawberry blonde hair that would indicate their pubes would also have a strawberry tint. People that dye their pubes are considered "False Pubes" and are not of the strawberry variety. Strawberry pubes have a specific taste when consumed in a pipe or when eaten, but generally have a flavor of the crisp variety. From pure bred gingers, you will often get flavors and aromas of strawberry rhubarb-crisp, apple crisp, and depending on the size and weight of the individual you will sometimes get Cookie Crisp. False Pubes generally taste like nail polish and dog shit.
I ate out a ginger chick from school yesterday and her strawberry pubes got stuck in my teeth. Her asshole was more red than pink.
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by Uncle Renegade November 16, 2017
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