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Strawberry Swing is a track included on Coldplay's fourth album.
This is one of several potential album cuts with Afro-pop and high-life influences: Here, distortion-free finger-picked guitars which sound straight out of Mali mix with a heavy bassline and psychedelic synths. "My Mum comes from Zimbabwe, so I spent a lot of time there," says Martin. "I used to work in a studio where people played that." More gentle than much of the album, it is built around a repetitive African-inspired guitar as a blissed-out Martin sings the touching and slightly psychedelic love song about "such a perfect day".
"The sky could be blue I don't mind, without you it's a waste of time."
''They were sitting
They were sitting on the strawberry swing
Every moment was so precious''
by Masterlord July 01, 2008
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When a girl starts going all bitch during her period.

John: "Wow, Sue went ape shit on Dave today."

Chris: "Don't mind her; she's just on her strawberry swing."

by SpicyPoyratez February 24, 2009
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