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1. Relating to an ass without a curve, bend, or strictly vertical/horizontal

2. Honest person who speaks direct about anal.


1. A person who is acting like a homosexual, but in fact is a heterosexual.

"Oh, there is my missing toothbrush"

"Yeah, pardon my straightass. I coincidently put it up my asshole"


1."Hi guys, guess what happen to me last night after yesterday?"


1."Well, I was able to suck dicks until I farted in which made me spit cum on my new jacket"

2."Liar, liar pants on fire! Nigga you are a fucking straightass"

1. "I swear man. I put that on my grandma's little cousin's uncle's dogs master's nephew. I am not even lying. "
by Gay Boyz October 20, 2010
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Something that is not somewhat bullshit but rather completely and utterly bullshit.
Joe: Yo they said Sebastian Telfair was supposed to be good in the NBA.

Bob: No, Sebastian Telfair is straight ass.
by Jack--the dude March 30, 2006
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