Where hair is braided flat to scalp in rows in one direction from front to back of head.
I want classic straight backs this time, no fancy designs with the braids.
by KG Hair April 22, 2016
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to have no ass an upper and lower back
brazy gurl: mrs.tiny you have no ass just a straight back
by hrueiglius hustsht May 13, 2008
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Refers to a speed demon driving at blind speed to get to there destination on time. they’re usually rockin a mulley, listening to 80z hair metal music, Hackin darts, and is probably from Northern Alberta Canada who works at the oil patch eh!
Oh ya buddy! I was on highway 881 on my way to Fort Mac and I was haulin ass while drivin in a shit show of a blizzard. I went through 2 packs of darts that night and I was in a rush so I ripped some lines to keep me awake and I was fuckin given’er, hair straight back, on the highway to hell partner! 🤘🏼⚡️🚬
by Tony T Trucking October 23, 2019
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Automatically "liking" every comment on your Facebook status.
I was really excited that John liked my comment on his FB status until I looked at the other comments and realized it was a Straight Like-back.
by Zarathud October 14, 2011
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