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IN BRIEF: Crushed, for real -- or for-real squashed, crushed squashed, smashed squashed.
NOTE: Strahm-squashed refers to Special Agent Peter Strahm getting squashed to death by the coverging walls at the end of Saw V as Hoffman safely looks on in the glass box (Strahm thought he trapped him in), which lowers into the floor for safety as the walls in the room begin to close, making Strahm trapped, as a result, mangly squashing him to death.

Unfortunately, Strahm failed to hear out the whole tape when when the tape told him to get in the glass box to save his life, causing Strahm to ignore the rule, as a result, making him fail the test, causing his fate. To tell you the truth, he was death-trapped anyway, whether it was the glass box or the converging walls.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant February 05, 2010
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