The history of the story. How the story became news. The rest of the story.
I've heard this used on CNN a couple of times. "Back story" is used when talking about a breaking news story, when the rest of the story isn't clear. "What is the back-story on the train crash?" Meaning how many were on the train. When did it leave, and how fast was it going?
by M Haanel September 22, 2006
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Someone who refuses to answer a simple question and insists on giving you their entire life story.
“....and then I wanted to plant tulips but I just don’t think our soil is right for it...”
“Sir! I just need to know, soup or salad!” Said the poor waitress after a 5 minute story from the Back Story Bore on table 8.

“Can I get your name please, ma’am?”
“Well I called because I got this letter and I was going to call yesterday when I got it but then my sister called and then it started to rain so I had to....”
MA’AM!!! I need your name before I can even help you!” Denise screamed at the back story bore who was eating into her lunch hour.
by Brett Burkhardt April 27, 2008
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