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A seriously underrated Youtuber with some of the best reactions to horror that sadly has a condition on his wrists that prevents him from playing many games nowadays. Thankfully he and his girlfriend (Sparrowmella) have a joint channel where she can play the game and still see his brilliant reactions in tandem with her also-brilliant reactions. His first video was a video of his reactions to him playing F.E.A.R. from 2006 with no gameplay. It became extremely famous and 3 years later he did his reactions to F.E.A.R. 2, which also became extremely famous. After that he started uploading regularly and has played a multitude of games such as Amnesia: Justine, Slender (the original, the Slenderman's Shadow maps, Haunt, Woods and The Arrival), Nightmare House 2, Faster Than Light and Minecraft, among others.. The most recently started series in his joint channel (Storpmella) is Octodad and their first (and still ongoing) was Cry of Fear.
Guy 1: Who are your favorite Youtubers?
Guy 2: Markiplier and Storpey.
Guy 1: I know who Markiplier is but who's Storpey?
Guy 2: The guy that made The Tale of Clive and Billy.
Guy 1: Oh, that video was epic!
by Toa of Gallifrey March 28, 2014
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