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A horror game made in 2012 about a young man named Simon who gets hit by a car and finds him self in an alley with only his phone and pocket knife for protection
Person 1: Have you heard of Cry of Fear?

Person 2: The hecks a Cry of Fear?
by Some dude 42 December 26, 2018
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a game that pyro told me to play actually good
oh look a new video from pyrocynical! Oh whats this a game review? Cry of fear never heard of it might as well try it
by Valtzzet February 05, 2021
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Cry Of Fear is a horror game from 2012 about this guy named Simon who woke up in an alley with a knife and phone. I actually almost pissed my pants playing this game and i called all of the twitches my dead grandma out of revenge, In conclusion its a good game
someone: have you heard about Cry Of Fear

me: yes its a good game but its scary af
by Ang_69 April 06, 2021
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