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This must be done with two people. The act of digging up a fresh corpse, lubing up your arm and inserting it into their anus until you can get a good grip on their intestines. Once you get a good grip, start pulling them out of the anus. Once you have a foot of intestine out, have your friend lube up their anus and start inserting the deceased intestine into his or her anus, letting all of the bodily fluids leak into their intestinal tract, until they orgasm.

Present tense - Storos
Past tense - Storosed
1. Dude, Felicia just died a few days ago, she may have a shotgun wound to the head, but we should totally storos her.

2. Gary - Hey John, after being storosed, how do you feel, man?

John - Man, that storosing gave me the best orgasm ever.
by abundanceofcreation August 10, 2018
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