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An overpriced weather software program developed by $torm Alert Inc. The guy in charge of $torm Alert is a whiny little biatch who totally freaks out if you so much as criticize him in an email.

Stormlab also comes in an even more costly professional version, which you might want to consider over the standard version if you're richer than the sultan of Abu Dhabi.
Some dude: I paid $200 for this, so it better be good! *Installs Stormlab Pro, suddenly a blue screen of death appears!* WTF???
Same dude emailing $torm Alert: Uh, I believe that your Stormlab program, in a word, sucks! It won't even run on my PC! If you're going to charge so much for your software, you should at least make it compatible with all the major OSes.
$torm Alert's Response: WAAAAAAAHHH! I hate you!!!1 I'm gonna tell on you to your ISP!!!!11 Oopsy, I just peepeed my diapie!
by the guy who screwed your mama February 21, 2004
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