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Storkcraft is often misused as a reference towards Starcraft Broodwar. (A game created by the gaming company Blizzard Ent.)

Storkcraft is accurately defined as the act of crafting Storks. Not a stork that finds itself a member of the Ciconiiformes family. Yet the stork known to many as Song Byung Ku, the Protoss player for the South Korean Starcraft progaming team Samsung KHAN.

The player Stork is actually mass manufactured in warehouses found scattered across Seoul, Korea. This is responsible for the reason he is never sick, doesn't seem to age, and in seemly everywhere at once.
Bad Example: Lim Yo Hwan aka SlayerS_'BoxeR' is a master of Storkcraft.

Proper Example: Stork ind is one of the founding fathers of Storkcraft.
by SimplyBaller February 18, 2009
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