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The expansion pack to the legendary computer game starcraft, though it really functions more as a direct sequal to starcraft since it is almost just as big a game, within the context of the game "broodwar" refers to the wars to control the rogue broods of zerg, the control of which was up for grabs after the death of the overmind. Fought between sara kerrigan with her zerg brood, the united earth directorate, the remnants of the khalei, the dark templar (led by zeratul), Jim Raynor and his rebel forces and arcturas mengsk and his recently formed empire, Samir Duran may have manipulated the entire thing into existence to prepare for the coming of the xel-naga
Sara Kerrigan Won it and took control of the broods and then based herself on the planet char, she crippled her enemies fleets, especially the UED expeditionary force, who were destroyed although they were only a small part of the UED earth based fleet
Starcraft, Science fiction, computer games, Space operas, Broodwar
by lizard19 December 23, 2008
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