A shitty high school where half the kids think they're gangsters and the other half pop kids out by age 16
Fool that girl has a kid and she's only like 14.
Yeah, she goes to stony point.
by bangdang August 9, 2008
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A minuscule town that lies between statesville and taylorsville. Nothing much to see. Filled with criminals, homeless people, and a gas station. Everyone is on meth and or heroin, doesn’t matter the age, whether it’s the 7 year olds that live in a one bedroom shack with their drugged out parents, or 70 year old grandparents. The speed limits are stupid and slow but it’s the only real structure the town has. If you are risking getting sent to rehab or a mental institution, stony is your best place to settle down! You’ll fit right in.
Dude I met this really cool girl tonight at this party! Hell yeah, where was she from? Stony point I think! Yeah bro you might wanna rethink that, also get checked for STDs
by whocarez September 6, 2021
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A town in NY where all the kids smoke pot. AKA Stoner Point. There is nothing to do but get screwed up.
Woah, he must be a pothead, he lives in Stony Point, NY!
by Snake. March 5, 2009
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Small shitty town filled with greasy meth heads with missing teeth, criminals, abortions, and annoying speed limits.
Why they overdosing in the street? Bro we’re in stony point NC . Oh okay that explains it all
by whocarez September 6, 2021
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