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A pot smoker who has little interest in politics except when the topic of legalization comes up. They then become highly animated and rant about why it should be legalized. Their body language and speech patterns become reminiscent of Hitler giving rally speeches.
Don't get Dave started on legalization, he'll turn stoner nazi on you.
by Deadmanstalking July 30, 2008
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A person who does not partake in the smoking of marijuana, and willing to call the police on others who do. The term is usually yelled among stoners when a police-informant is in the area and can visibly see or smell the group.
Mitch: "I just got a new RA"

Me: "Watch out. He's a stoner nazi"

Mitch: "Shit! I can't smoke in my room anymore"
by blazingthedorms March 29, 2010
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