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There are 2 major meanings for this word.
1. An alcoholic drink
2. A major record label side-project from Slipknot
1. "Oh i had some Stone Sour last night and i am blitzed this morning"
2. "I saw Stone Sour in concert last night and they rocked."
by Wuggles9786 November 18, 2006

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Automated robots on Aol Instant Messenger(aim) that constantly go off topic and try to help out the average user.
Known Bots:
-Moviefone(Helps on upcoming movies and ones showing in theaters)
-Smarterchild(Can help on anything needed and usually sways offtopic very quickly)
-HowToUseIM(For beginners just getting aim to learn the basics)
-ZolaOnAol(Now retired but was just like Smarterchild. If you IM her now she will put the same retired message up and offer you to IM Smarterchild)
-AOLSafetyBot(Used to learn how to stay protected over the internet from trojans, viruses, worms and other intruders)

Example 1:"I was talking to this aim bot and he completely didn't know what i was saying!"
Example 2:"Chatting with aim bots is stupid, you should really try and find a friend's screename and talk to them."
by Wuggles9786 November 18, 2006

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