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There are two forms of the Stone Cold Salute.

1. The first form can be performed by a single person and requires two cans of your favourite cold beverage, preferably beer. To perform this form of the Stone Cold Salute, you must crash both cans together and the down the contents of the can.

2. This form must be performed by two individuals and also requires two cans of your favourite cold canned beverage. In this form, two individuals must crash two cans together in unison and down the contents of each person's respective cans. A Stone Cold Stunner performed by one of the two people is an optional part of the salute.
Person 1: Hey man, I've got a couple beers, wanna come over?

Person 2: Hell yeah, just as long I get to perform a Stone Cold Salute at some point.
by rollacethejazzmaster October 13, 2020
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The action when one has one beer in each hand, raising them up and smashing the beers together. Then, one will drink what is left of the beers.

The Stone Cold Salute is performed best with friends, the only difference is you smash your beers with your friend’s beers.

The Salute was popularized and is named after WWE wrestler β€œStone Cold” Steve Austin.
- β€œHey bro, lemme give you a Stone Cold Salute!!”

β€œHell yeah!”
by Jumpin Jerk March 30, 2020
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