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Any person, object, action, or abstract thought that gives you the sensation of a churning stomach. Usually there is a bad aura associated with the stomach churner, making it nearly impossible to remain in the same room with them or it. If you cannot avoid being around this stomach churner, it may be uncomfortable to do anything whatsoever. A stomach churner can be a person who you simply cannot stand looking at, listening to, or being around.
1) Holy shit... who invited this stomach churner to the party? Kid smells like shit and he's been wearing that outfit since last week.

2) I can't be around this stomach churner anymore. He is talking so much nonsense about sports.

3) There's a bunch of stomach churners upstairs. I recommend fleeing the scene.

4) The Hills is a stomach churner. If I listen to one more bitch complain about daddy's money I'm going to kill a baby.

5) I can't take being around this chick anymore. She's clearly Stomach Churner of the Year.

6) Sam Cassell is a stomach churner.
by greggyv May 02, 2010
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