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The awkward lump formed by a zippered sweatshirt when you sit down. Can be at chest area forming a uni-boob. Can also be at crotch area forming a regular boner on a male and a lady boner on a female.
"Stupid sweatshirt is giving me a stomach boner!"
"If you unzip it halfway then it'll go away."
"Well now I have a lady boner."
"Better than a uni-boob!"
by alicejin88 November 13, 2011
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When you see food that looks so fucking delicious that your stomach immediately starts growling and you just want to eat that food right away.
A: Holy shit, the steak at this place looks fucking tasty!

B: I know man. I have a raging stomach boner right now, and the only thing that can satisfy it is that juicy fucking steak!
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by Waterbreath May 18, 2018
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