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A absolute god damn hell hole where popularity is everything

A place where kids who think they are tough or gangster but they are really just wiggers and would piss their pants in front a cop in real life

A place where kids are doing drugs in the bathroom and doing stupid shit like putting a staple in a electrical outlet or being so worthless and stupid that they do stuff like lunch a locker until they break a wrist.

A place where all of the girls are total sluts and act like they are annoyed when boys look at them even though they are wearing that absolute minimum amount of clothing. Then they say they are bi so they can say that they are being discriminated against because they are so “qweer

A place where all of the guys either look like they are 4 years old or look like they are 18 and for some reason never shave

A place where the boys either look like they are in 4th grade or look like they are 20 and don’t shave

... a absolute waste of human life, 3 years and nothing gained
Did you see that girl from Stoller middle school? What a stupid whore!

I know right!
by Stollerstudent September 24, 2019
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