When one sticks their finger up another's asshole and smears the product onto the upper lip of that person; thus resulting in a "hitler" type mustache that smells like shit (because it is shit)
While he was sleeping, we gave him a Stinky-Hitler.
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The act of transferring a small amount of fecal matter (post-sodomy) from the penis of the sodomist to the upper lip of the sodomite through a single but fluid flick of the erect penis to the area directly above the upper lip, but below the nose, thus characterizing Adolf Hitler's mustache.

Also as demonstrated on South Park, though the main difference was the feces was instead transferred from a finger of one character to the upper lip area on another character as a practical joke. This context took place after a sleepover at Cartman's house when Cartman stuck his finger in his rectum to obtain the fecal material in order to wipe it on Butters' upper lip. Throughout the episode Butters kept smelling poop everywhere he went unbeknownst to him that the scent of feces was in fact coming from his person.
She let me do anal on the first date, so I gave her a Stinky Hitler!
by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow April 16, 2011
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Another way to create a stinky Hitler is after sodomy, you transfer the shit by dotting the upper lip under the nose with the head of the shit covered penis
She was such a bitch, After I pulled out of her ass I gave her a stinky Hitler
by July 5, 2022
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