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Stinette- refers to/replaces ANY THING or ANY WORD. It can be used in place of any person, place, or thing.
(important)- the word can prefixed/ suffixed differently, check example 3 and 4 below, respectively.
1. Look at the size of her stinettes. (may be eyes, ears, or most likely, breasts)
2. Don't forget to pick up my stinette. (referring to anything, golf clubs, shoes, clothes, etc.)
3. Whats his name? John Stinetti? (replacing the last name of a person)
4. My tinettes are killing me. (Pointing to eyes, feet, fingers- maybe after getting them slammed in the door?)
by Michael Corso October 04, 2005
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Stinette (Girl's name):

Is a beautiful unpopular girl's name which has an unknown origin.

A girl who has this name is seen as elegant, attractive, kind and smart. She will always be there for you and is seen as a perfectionist. Sometimes, she may be a bit lazy but will always be successful in both school/education and in the real world. She is shy at first but once you know her very well, she will be funny and more confident.
Omg is that Stinette?! She is hella perfect 😍🤤
by Kylee Fucking Jena May 12, 2018
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