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Pronounced "Shtil-woot";
From the German words meaning "silent" and "anger", this frankenstein word represents a feeling of seething anger that you won't/don't/ can't externalize.

Typically when so frustrated you have a want to cause harm to something or someone but you have no means to do so appropriately.
1. Bob's wife left him for another man with the kids, it was his son's birthday so he went to their house to surprise him, only when he looked through the window he saw his ex-wife making out with her new Chad. He wanted to bust in and fight but then his kids entered the room happy and started hugging them. All he could do was stand at the door and feel stillewut.

2. Jack: just saw ya girl getting plowed by Chad down the block

Bob: the fuck, show me where!

Walks down and see a rock looking muthafucka drilling Jill

Jack: what you gonna do?

Bob: Nothing...

Bob walked away feeling stillewut.

3. Jon got blackmailed by Tyrese to tie up and blindfold his gf and let him do her. Needless to say, he felt stillewut.

4. Mark got the best grades 3 years in a row, Fred kept getting second place always being off by just 2 points. While everyone cheered on Mark, Fred felt a deep stillewut.
by Robotrubber August 03, 2018
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