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A Stikman, can also be known as a Storkman, is an extremely sketchy male who makes movements similar to that of a sloth. He lifts weights constantly, but never gains any muscle mass. At parties, he can be heard using phrases he deems as cool, such as "Hey all you peeps, get off the deck." He drinks frequently, and can be found hitting on severely unattractive women, most of whom resemble very young boys. A Stikman can typically be found in the Northeast region of the United States.
Dude, there's some sketchball at this party who's lifting weights in the backyard and looks like he weighs about 110 pounds. After each set he pounds a beer. I also saw him hitting on some broad who looked about twelve years old. He must be a total Stikman.
by Shupti September 19, 2014
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