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Half of the world's baddass ninja team, StikkMuffn, which was established in 2010.
Stikk is the chief half of the duo, though are almost always fight together. Stikk enjoys reversing her enemies evilness with a series of tones to redirect their harmful mindset and correcting their thoughts to the path of peace. Stikk is also brilliant with sneaking up on her enemies through any sort of conditions.

The name Stikk originated long long ago when a boy decided to nickname his best friend, who went on to achieve greatness. This name has sense been placed upon any willing servant of peace. Stikk was dubbed with her name, Stikk, when she became a badass ninja.

Stikk will continue to serve her people, and distribute peace to the world with her loyal sidekick, Muffn, for all eternity.

Forever, StikkMuffn!
Stikk saved the day when she convinced the rapist that he no longer wanted to have sex, but instead, to be peaceful.
by Alis Volat Propriis May 09, 2011
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