Ball torture in which a males balls are cinched with a ball stretcher and then slapped repeatedly with a bare hand, a riding crop or cat-o'-nine-tails.
My dom cinched me last night and gave me strewed tomatoes.

My stewed tomatoes are killing me today. They are sore and still red. She was working them like Rocky on the speedbag.
by Dick Onchin January 15, 2023
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performing cunninlingus on a woman during her menstrual cycle.
During foreplay, a man going down on a woman and then he discovers that she has begun her period, otherwise known as a stewed tomatoe
by vyperpiper December 2, 2011
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When you give a woman roofies take her home and do what ever you want and when you cum you punch her in the clit as hard as you can so the next day when she wakes up her clit is swollen and red like a stewed tomato!
I gave your sister a stewed tomato last night! She thinks I fucked her really hard so she will probably come back for more.
by ArlieRedeyejedi November 23, 2011
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