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Also known as Stephen, can man, scummy, slimy, stinky, flash, and muscle man. Stephen is a can grabbing member of the aluminumaudi, and a slimy meat thief, who leaves a trail of slim and grease every were he goes, the scumbag is from Connecticut, and smell like the south end of a north bound donkey, which is ironic because that's what he looks like, he's just a fat turd really, he creeps on girls even girls under 18, and he is as dumb as a rock, if he had gas for brains he couldn't get a piss ant go kart around a cheerio. sometimes I wonder how many welfare checks he had to save up to get to Georgia, he's a fat want to be country farm boy who thinks he's buff. If you want to see ole muscle man come to north Georgia and you can find him searching for cans in trash cans, or picking up a rotten dear carcause off the side of the road to eat later. You will probably hear him saying "whatever" but watch out if you provoke him he may flick you of trying to look cool. This guy gives The North Georgia hills a bad name.
The smelly man named Steve Watson dug through the trash searching for cans
by Ohwellthem February 23, 2015
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