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A Stereo Chick; meaning Stereotype; is a woman who bases her looks completely on what is common. Instead of trying to be herself. She chooses to look generic and bland. This look normally entails the Blond Stereotype Look, IE: Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Fake Breasts, Golden Tanned, with comically large Lip Implants. The Blonde Stereotype Look is very common in the USA. Due to the fact that it is so common; this just makes the look boring and makes every woman with this look seem bland. A Stereo Chick doesn't necessary have to follow the Blonde look; it is just any woman conforming to a set look, instead of being different and unique.
Man, there must be a million web sites with Stereo Chicks on them! I can't tell one of these blonde Stereo Chicks apart. So why do people keep bothering to view these sites? If you have seen 1 naked Blonde with big fake lips and breasts, then you have seen pretty much all of them. Same-Old, Same-Old.....
by the2ndflood July 31, 2008
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