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when someone craps on somebodys stairs, most often because the recipient of the stepstool was a jerk
The guys decided to be jerks and gave him a stepstool.
by ragecomics May 31, 2011
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1) an ugly girl that a male either befriends or courts romantically to increase his chances of scoring with her hot friend.

2) an inattractive person that is used to help attractive people score.
this girl i am seeing right now is a step stool. I really want to score with her hot best friend.
by Whiteknight January 17, 2004
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noun: A person who becomes a rebound and is kept around until someone better is found.
I can't be single and don't wanna deal with the pain of a break-up so I'm gonna find someone to be my step stool.
by Lez-be honest January 11, 2017
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when you take a big shit on some guy's stairs, preferably at a party of his when he's being a douche.
Dude, that douche queer was being an ass last night, so I left a huge, meaty stepstool on his stairs.
by itsmebabe(: October 16, 2011
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