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The guy who isn't your dad, that your mom is long term dating, but you don't call dad, who probably isn't going to marry your mom, and you're probably not going to call dad if he did. He appears at the prospect of free rent and free reign in a home he did nothing to build, usually a few years in the wake of your mom's divorce. The diametric byproduct of departure by, and equivalent evil to, the Deadbeat Dad.

Contraction of Step Parent and John, to denote the awkward dynamic of a random dude that you owe nothing to suddenly guiding the life decisions of the only family member you somewhat concern for the well being of.

Hobbies Include:

Drinking/Drugging with your mom
Not having/keeping a job
Unearned familiarity
Appearing to have no friends or family in the area besides your mom
Not in contact with his own kids
Banging your mom
"Hey dude can I crash and play some video games at your house tonight? Stepjohn came back to my place with a half gallon of vodka from scrapping batteries and I just don't wanna deal with them tonight"
by Partial Recall July 01, 2019
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