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A beautiful, fresh, lovable girl who any guy in his right mind would die for. One to treat with only the most respect and honor. If you ever make a mistake with a honey like this, you will regret it til your 6 feet under, so give it your all.
1. Bruh I aint never finna wrong this honey, shes a Stefana.
2. I cant even imagine the things I would do to get Stefana, shes everything to me.
by HonDre July 07, 2011
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A ginger ninja from Romania. A geekiclious archictecture lovin fox. Before you know it, you'll be under her spell or looking for her keys. Always up for a cheeky rosey and a mad dash for a dance. Admired by many, desired by more. A friend in need indeed, always be there for you 5 minutes late. She slips like a fish out of tricky situations but her wit and charm will stay with you just like the smell of fish.
Stefana: Hey can you call me I can't find my phone?
The ninja friends: Sure thing shexay ;)

(phone rings in her bag)

The ninja friends: I thought you died your hair red?
Stefana: I did but it went ginger again... :/

The ninja friends: Stef, what's burning?
Stefana: Just having a bbq in the kitchen.
by AntherPanther May 01, 2012
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A beautiful genious of a girl who will blow your mind away with her personality and enchanting eyes.
I can't stop dreaming about her, she's a Stefana.

Where would I be without you? You're my stefana.
by SAlykat May 13, 2018
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