When you have to call someone back but don't want to talk to them, so you wait until you know they can't talk and leave a voice mail.
"I don't want to tell Karen I can't make it tonight, so I'll Stealth-call her when she's on her flight and has her phone shut off."
by hbdanny March 18, 2010
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The act of being stealth called is to be called into the secret ninja society. Where you become your inner ninja forever. Well until you wake up from lala land in class.
Dude did you see bob after he was asleep?
No i did not what happened?
He fell alseep in class, then randomly woke up and yelled out "I AM A NINJA FEAR MY ROAR"

ROFLPWNED he was being stealth called what a nub..
by gummy bear man April 12, 2010
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