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A fag/slut that posts quotes or other pre-thought up Facebook or Twitter statuses every 10 minutes - 1 hour in an attempt to get alot of feedback, and then literally brags to people about how much likes and comments or retweets he/she got.
Dude, I got 5 likes all from girls on a Dr. Seuss quote I copied and pasted on my Facebook status. I'm getting so popular dude all the bitches want me because my Facebook statuses are slick. I'm about to tell my mom about how all these girls blow up my statuses and I'm the fuckin man now. Then I'm gonna post another life quote and drive all the bitches wild for me

.... Kid, your a fucking status tryhard. 21 years old and telling your mom bitches like you because of your Facebook statuses. But do they ever come out and try to talk to you? And when they do, ON YOUR FACEBOOK NOT IN PRIVATE, do you always make yourself look like a fag by caking so hard that you embarrass yourself in front of everyone? Yes, you do. Kill yourself.

(Based on true events)
by Mista Deeeez August 15, 2011
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