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Staten Island Douchebag - AKA - SIDB
The definition of the large majority of young men and women from 16-30 years who live repetative, shallow lives that make up Staten Island.
SIDB's usually consist of dudes who:
- Get their nails and eyebrows done.
- Go to tanning salons.
- Drive their dad's expensive car.
- Have some kind of rediculously spikey hair style or a "fauxhawk"
- Wear tight jeans, pop their stupid collars up and love fist pumping in a bar or club.
- Take steriods and love cocaine.
- Very wiggerish.
- Enjoy freestyle and hip-hop music.
- In the gym they take up machines because they are more busy looking at their muscles, tanlines and talking on their cell phones.
- Were probably the most popular in high school so they live off that reputation till they are 25 and most likely will never amount to anything unless they are handed a job by a successful relative.
- Usually are loud mouthed 3rd or 4th generation Italian-Americans who know a friend, who knows a guy, who's uncle is connected, therefore they believe they are connected.
- Would never fight you unless 10 or 15 of his "boys" are around and you're by yourself.
- Probably are, were or want to pose for the FDNY calendar.
- Good chance fucked one of his male friends.
- Are the main reason the people at the Jersey Shore hate New Yorkers.

SIDB usually consist of girls who:
- Have orange face.
- Have the brightest teeth you ever seen.
- Put their hair in that stupid poof thing like paris hilton or gwen stefani.
- Are too good to drink beer.
- Usually are in credit card debt.
- Got fake tits or german automobile on her sweet sixteen causing her parents to go into credit card debt.
- Usually her family moved from Brooklyn, into a condo or house with a 3 foot backyard.
- Works in a tanning salon or as a hairdresser, waitress or bartender because they went to Staten Island Community College or St.Johns Staten Island Campus for 1 semester and have no qualifications.
- Enjoy double parking and parking in firezones and handicap spots, then argue with cops when they get caught.
- Generally are spoiled rotten.
- Very cunty.
- Only reading they do is celebrity gossip magazines.
- Generally have filthy mouths but surprisingly they wont give head.
Guy #1 "Hey is that bar gonna be filled with Staten ISland Douchebags?"
Guy #2 "Yes"
Guy #1 "I'm not going then"
by M2million December 06, 2006
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