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A terrible wiener in which has been split into 4 parts. It is still under debate whether two of it's flaps used to be it's balls, but one thing is for exists...and it continues to plague internet forums around the world till this day. It's only one true weakness is the much dreaded octacock.

When somebody is attacked by a link to this dreaded starfish, it is known as Starfish Rolled. Not many have survived an encounter with this mighty beast...maybe one day the octacock will return and save us all.
Chuck: Hey Bill, check this out!

*Sends link to starfish wiener*

Bill: GOD DAMMIT! I've been Starfish rolled like 5 times today! GAH!!!!!!


Chuck: Bill? You there? oh no...the Starfish Wiener must have gotten him...
by Von Mannshaft October 27, 2008
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