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A "liberal" who is actually not one. Typically drinks frappachinos, reads the New York Times, drives a Prius, and listens to NPR. Votes for any Democrat, regardless of actual position on policy, for an endless list of reasons, most of which are unexamined and fallacious. Considers him or herself a radical, a progressive, and believes in grassroots causes without actually supporting any.
Too bad all those Starbucks Liberals decided John Kerry should be the Democratic nominee in 2004.
by Emerson_PF November 03, 2009
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A self-proclaimed intellectual who is proud to associate themselves with
the liberal left but, upon inspection, is really moderate or even conservative.
Megan won't date Republicans but really loves her Chevy Suburban SUV. She's a classic Starbucks liberal.
by Winston Fung July 11, 2006
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