A term coined by comedian Kat Williams. Defined as the best most confident version of oneself; one who makes things happen.
"You must be in tune with your star player or your star fucking player."
by NannerPanda July 22, 2009
Almost everyone knows that the star player of our basketball team is Aprilla she is the new LeBron James. Seriously I’m not kidding.
Aliecy- Who’s that cool kid over there?

Gregstnstn- It’s Aprilla she’s so freeking good

Bob Jeffington- shes our star player she gets all the goals
by lOopY.ChiCKeN_daNCe October 15, 2021
An absolute God at video games. No matter the genre nor platform, said individual will make any other gamer look like trash.
Guy 1: "Have you seen this IceCrewM1ceElf kid on Xbox?"
Guy 2: "yes he's the one and only Star Player, he makes that codywarriors6 kid look like trash"
by Star Player aka IceCrewM1ceElf September 10, 2017