any girl who goes there is fit asf omd

The Typical Star girl...
Likes to wear:
-white fox
-mr winston
-make up
-cotton on

Spends her time:
-Going to church street in brighton
-Going to southland
-Getting her nails done

-going to chadstone
-Dating Scotch, Xavier, St. Kevins, De La, Brighton Grammar or Melbourne Grammar Boys.
-Sun tanning in Lorne, Rye or Portsea during summer.

She is a decent, faithful and well rounded girl who respects her peirs and has classiness. Star of the Sea Girls are mostly known for their reputation in sports and famous people, and have beautiful reputation amongst their local communities.

A star of the sea typically is: A Blonde or Brunette haired beauty seen roaming on Southland, Church st or Chadstone on the casual Friday or saturday afternoon.
De La Salle Kid: 'Omg did you see that girl'
St Kevin's Kid: 'Yeah she probably goes to Star of the Sea Brighton, I snap a lot of girls from there!'
De la Salle Kid: 'Damn they're hot. she must pull a lot.'
by pinksodasprite2009 November 23, 2022