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A stang bitch is that 26 year old loser who drives a Fox body Mustang. The bitch trys to(unsuccessfully) stare down neighborhood kids. He revs his car in an atempt to intimidate 16-year-olds. But, when it comes down to throwin' hands, a stang bitch quickly drives away. The 26 year old then sends his mom down the steet to meadiate the situation.
WARNING: a stang bitch cowers when challenged, intense fear with or without tears follows any confrontation.

The mustang is typically driven to compensate for a five centimeter penis.
{loser in mustang approaches, makes eye contact}
"Yo stang bitch IMA BEAT 'JO ASS!"
..EERrrrrrrrrrrrttttt!!(sound of spinning tires as the bitchass flees the scene.
by E. Willet February 04, 2008
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Person who drives a Mustang and is a complete asshole about it, usually over the age of 20 still living at home always revving at every person they see, mostly people much younger than them, some times angering them therefore causing them to spout profanities and other things causing the driver to become scared and to tell there mom.
Patrick: That Bryan guy is such a Stang Bitch
by Brian E. January 07, 2008
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