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Leland Stanfurd Junior University. It is located in the crotch of the San Francisco Bay, in Palo Alto. Known for being an overpriced country club and not a true university. Home to a dysfunctional band and an idiotic tree as their mascot. Their students suffer from "Cal envy". They all wish they could wear the Blue and Gold. Go Bears!!
I hope I am able to get into Cal, if not I'll have to take out a big loan and settle for Stanfurd. Maybe I'll just go to city college.
by sfguy August 11, 2005
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A hilarious and cutting misspelling of "Stanford," almost exclusively by Cal students. Use of this spelling has been known to make Stanford students' heads explode out of sheer embarrassment.
Cal student: OMG you go to stanfurd!!! lolololol!!!! ur school suxx and you wish you could be us and were the best evr and stanfurd your just jealous of us because were better and your jealous stanfurd OMGOMGOMG
Stanford student: Cal's a very good school, although in truth many Stanford rejects go there. See inferiority complex.
by Danny N. April 11, 2006
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