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1) You know that your game is far more advanced than the other peoples around you. You realize that other niggas bitches got they eyes on you for many possible reasons;


Which overall these collectively make up the word "Swag"- which by the way is not aquired nor learned, but you must be born with 3 of the 5 criteria.

2) At clubs everywhere, the VIP section is typically already on a higher level than the rest of the club. Couches are usually found in VIP sections of clubs. Although standing on couches is not usually permitted in the clubs, when a 'Swagful' individual stands on a couch at a club in the VIP section, he is the man. You must pay your respects because chances are that he is probably a high-grossing rapper that will steal your bitch and wax dat on the VIP couch.
"This is how we do, you see us 'Standin on the Couch' while we up in da club, this is how we do, ziploc full of haze, ten bottles above..."- Fabolous

"We standin in the red VIP so all the fast bitches and the haters could see us in all our splendor now we gon' do the otha side 'Standin on Couches'. The first timers got out they camera phones, they trynna capture the lifestyle. You can't blame em..." - Clipse
by BroHamm January 23, 2009
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