A popular phrase used by twitter gays under every popular tweet encouraging readers to stan Korean girl group LOONA. It is often accompanied by a video clip of their songs “Girl Front” or “Eclipse”, although it is not always exclusively these two.
Original Poster: “I broke my foot today :(“
Twitter Gay: “Maybe if you stanned loona you wouldn’t have broke your foot” *includes clip of Kim Lip’s Eclipse*
Original poster: “Do I know you?”
Twitter Gay: “Stan LOONA”
by loonanator March 7, 2018
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A phrase used by (usually homosexual) fans of the South Korean group, LOONA. It is typically used under random Twitter/TikTok posts without little to no explanation.
“Hey guys, I got this new-!”
Stan Loona
by næviscalling May 22, 2023
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a phrase used by fans of the group, otherwise known as orbits, usually posted on social medias such as Twitter or Youtube.
someone: who-
orbits: shhhhh *shoves hi high mv in their face* stan loona *disappears in the shadows*
by U attack MY heart January 26, 2019
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a phrase used by twitter gays (usually accompanied with a fancam), who want you to stan a quality group
"flop stan loona"
by rubesss March 7, 2019
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Stan loona is meme when the fans started to say STAN LOONA in kpop videos
Example mark saw a post that said stan loona so he decided to stan them
by Orbit_trash January 26, 2019
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a phrase used by Orbits (Loona fans) telling to stan (become a fan) of Loona (a kpop group)
Orbits on twitter: "Stan Loona"
Non-kpop stan: who?
Orbits: "Shhhh *shows them girl front*
by massechuusetts February 24, 2021
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"To stan loona" means to stan Loona(the girl of the month) and if you won't stan them, orbits will beat your ass
by Flavia xD July 21, 2019
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